7 Must Have Multilingual Ligature Fonts

Updated: Mar 10

Hi! Hallo! Bonjour! Salut! Wondering why so many expressions. So Why not? There are huge packs of languages that are used worldwide so why just script in one style. Here I am bringing some rich in styles and ligature fonts. Before jumping to the font styles, lets understand what a ligature font is?

Ligature is a special character that combines two (or sometimes three) characters into a single character.

There are two styles of ligatures :

Standard Ligatures : Standard ones are about practicality: they address the issue of separate characters coinciding or making any interesting combinations when put beside each other in a word. Besides being a great attractive style and also it helps in great extent for usability. As a result, there’s great utility in using ligature fonts in design.

Discretionary ligature: These types of ligatures are less about helping to solve readability problem and more about ornamentation. In other words, they’re more about form and aesthetics than function.

So let's have look at what some designers do have in their baggage to enhance our looks and brand.

Roger - An Elegant Sans Serif - by Graphic Fresh

Baltore Font By 160 Studio

Quinttor Sans by Creatype Studio

MADE Cannes - by Made Type

Autorich Sans - by Typla Nesla

Borest Elegant Roman Sans Serif - by Flavortype

Simplicite - Elegant Sans Serif By Harmonals Visual

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