Digital Mixed Media Compositions - In Trend 2020

Updated: Mar 10

Its 2020 and high time to fall in place with current trends whether its digital zone, fashion or food. Here I am talking about something digital which can be used to get it printed for books or bookmarks, cloth or dresses and much more. From branding to packaging everything would go digital in this era. You can easily find some collages or assembles to be in highlights here or there, this is a pure indication that those Mixed Media Compositions are gonna in trend this year 2020.

You guys might be wondering that are they... Before leading ahead, What are Mixed Media Compositions?

here in the simple words we could say that, mixed media is an artwork in which more than one medium or material are used - Assemblages and collages are two common examples of such art using different media.

Different media and mediums like cloth, paint, woods, ink and more could be used in coherence.

Here are some good examples of those -

Leading ahead how they are gonna use in 2020 - have a look on these peculiar artworks which could easily be used for print and paper - could be used for posters and advertisements and more. These are digital artworks with best of textures to be 100% realistic in use - complete visual treatments to eyes with the artwork.

Collage Poster Creator - Summer Edit - by New Tropical Design

Mixed Media Digital Papers - by Happychinchila

Abstract garden. Modern collage set. by isa kalev

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