How to Make Circular Blur Background Effect in Photoshop

Gorgeous circular blurs are sometimes the reason to enhance up your photograph. A simple tweak with the Photoshop can just change the way your photograph seem to be. Today, in this tutorial I am going to share the way to change your Photograph background to a dreamy space blurry background in a pretty easy way.

Remember, photo editing is a customized process for your own preferences, so this tutorial should serve as a creativity booster for your photography adventure.

Also there is a video tutorial for the whole process in detail at end of the blog to give a detailed perspective on photo editing, scroll to read more.

STEP 1 – Open your photograph in Photoshop

First of all, open Photoshop on your device & click on File > Open or Drag & drop the image to Photoshop window.

Step 2 – Duplicate the Photo

Hit Ctrl + J (Cmnd + J for Mac) & duplicate the layer of your Photograph.

Step 3 – Select your subject with Lasso Tool

Select Lasso Tool from toolbar and make a rough selection around your subject in photograph – not needed to be in detail.

Step 4 – Content Aware Fill

Go to Edit > Fill and select Content Aware in the Fill Dialog box. Hit Enter.

This will fill the selected area with the background content precisely.

Step 5 – Add Radial Blur to your Photograph

Now to add circular blur go to Filter > Blur > Radial Blur. In the Radial Blur dialog box, select Amount = 2, Blur method as Spin and Quality as Good and hit Enter. This will add a gorgeous blur effect to your image.

Step 6 – Unmask your subject

Now to bring your subject on focus, hit on the Layer Mask icon from layer panel & select brush tool from toolbar. Then just paint over your subject with the black as foreground color. This will bring your subject in focus.

And Tadaaa!! You are done with the gorgeous background circular blur to enhance up the subject in photograph.

I hope this tutorial has inspired you in your next Photoshop editing adventure!

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