Layer Mask Explained In Photoshop – Perfect For Photograph Edits

Want to edit your Photographs like pro photographers in an easy & non - destructive way – this tutorial is for you. Stop using Eraser tool & working on your photographs. With Layer masks, you simply paint without disturbing your photographs and making the editing much easily & fast way. You can switch your colors from black & white and get the tone and effect that you might be thinking of. Black is for masking your effect & white is for showing up. In addition to it, you can simply go back with (Ctrl + Z) and edit your mistakes in the next step.

Get into the video here, this will help you in using & mastering the use of layer masks in Photoshop in detail

Tip – Black Hides, White Shows. This means when any area of your layer mask that is black, your effect is hidden in that location and when any area of your layer mask is white, your effect is visible in that location.

I hope this tutorial has inspired you in your next Photoshop editing adventure!

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